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placi aluminiu

placi aluminiu

Products offered by our company are aluminum alloys Class 1xxx, 2xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx used in aviation, shipbuilding, drilling rigs, and other industrial applications.

We have a Service Center in Bacau who is offering a wide range of aluminum alloys according to various international standards:

– Sheets, plates and rolled rings;
– Rods, tubes, strips and extruded;
– Plates and bars forged;
– Drill pipes (including pipe with external protection).

We offer on demand pipes and rods of brass alloys, bronze, aluminum bronze and continuously cast or extruded in accordance with ISO quality standards • EN • BS • DIN • UNI • ASTM • ESA • MSD • • QQB QQC • Compliance.

All products can be cut and delivered according to customer requirements.

Bacau warehouse is always stocked with materials constantly used, but on request we can supply with products that are still difficult to find on the market. Excellent cooperation with manufacturers with whom we work makes us believe that we can meet your most problematic orders in a very short time.

Unusual size orders are easily delivered due to very well equipped Service Centre which is able to debit almost any format you need. It is a challenge for us to find solutions with optimal cost for each customer of ours.

We want to be effective together.